Monday Night Football Commercial

Deployment Description

“Sit down lil’ camper, lemme tell you a story.”

One day Jon Chavez, our now President, called Sean, our CEO, to rope him into coming over to Nashville to “wrangle video, maybe some lighting?”

This was a partnership of professional platitudes that will be remembered forever.  Two professional video gunslingers, back to back laying down the law, in a situation that would give even Chuck Norris sweaty palms.

We worked across three different stages, each with separate scenic elements — lighting and video for all three was controlled from one console.  One stage had projection mapping, another had a 3,000 pixel LED wall, and the third was accessible via radio far away from the console.  A typical day in the world.

Amazing Industries wrangled video assets, programmed lighting and video for all three stages.  Jon, who was a client at the time, was having so much fun even cut up the audio tracks and married them to timecode for us because he is such a swell guy.

We got to record several sections of this over and over for the full series of games that year.  All in, a great time had by everybody.  The director, Keith J. Leman, was an Amazing artist;  Sean may have been called a diva by a Producer at some point as he was rolled from one stage to another giving the Queen’s Wave.  Wings and Taco Bell were consumed by all, and we really had a great time rolling with the punches on this one.  The results were simply riveting, and enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Oh, and Jon quit being a client and joined Team Amazing.  We think he likes it here.

Deployment Details


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Are you ready for some football?  Really, really ready?
Check out the final product, you’ve probably already seen it.