MINExpo: Joy Global

Deployment Description

Las Vegas, Nevada, 2012

There’s a reason that MINExpo is held every four years — it’s enormous.  It’s a big tradeshow too, pun completely intended.  MINExpo exhibitors make the things used in mining: excavating equipment, train cars, earthmovers, and all manner of things whose height is measured in storeys…  as in “that bucket wheel excavator has a four storey blade!

The short version is the MINExpo trade show is the adult version of making castles in the sand and digging for buried treasure in your back yard.  As an exhibitor, you’ve got to bring all the magic to a show happening every four years to get to exhibit the next time the show comes around.

Amazing Industries worked with Don’t Wonder Productions (and the brilliant Kris Murray) to provide a 3D blended surface of six 20K projectors across a 50′ wide curved screen.  We helped to create engaging dynamic media presentations for the various elements Joy Global was exhibiting to their audience.

Deployment Details

  • Client: Don’t Wonder Productions
  • Delivered: Video Programming and Deployment
  • Website: www.minexpo.com

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