Lights All Night 2014

Deployment Description

DFW’s most prominent EDM festival, right in our own back yard!

Highland Concerts and MCP Presents came to Amazing Industries and Onstage Systems to step up the game for the 2014 Lights All Night Festival.  This show draws the major names of EDM worldwide, and Amazing Industries designed a Mothership-sized show to keep up with the talent.

We delighted in designing two massive stages without massive pricetags, and we were euphoric for everyone to have a calm, easy load-in and festival. The shows sold out, and it looked Amazing!

Deployment Details

  • Client: Highland Concerts/MCP Presents
  • Delivered: Event Design and Programming
  • Website:

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The Lights All Night 2014 Mothership Flythrough pre-visualization.
Experience the show before the show, but in glorious 2014!

…and if you’re interested in how we got the idea for the Drop