Lady Gaga, Coachella 2017

Deployment Description

The Saturday evening mainstage at Coachella 2017 was slotted to be Beyonce, but concerns over her pregnancy caused her to cancel that year. She did make it up to her fans the following year — and the Coachella team, having huge shoes to fill, chose pop superstar Lady Gaga to take the coveted slot.

A 12 thousand pixel canvas — assets assembled in the two weeks before the first weekend, we flew in with about 6 days to show to meet with the media team. Shortly after we were off to the rehearsal space, and then on a bus for a rehearsal onstage in the desert. Fast forward a long load-out into load-in, and we were pushing three 4K feeds out of an Amazing Industries laptop at full resolution for Gaga to do her thing.  Amazing.

We had two weeks notice.  We got the call, and the client wanted us on a plane right away!

The Amazing Team rallied for a day before heading to Los Angeles, to gather media and bring it to the Coachella rehearsal space. It just so happens that playback of 11514 x 1560 media assets was best served in single clips, and fortunately we keep our warchest up-to-date: our Samsung M.2 VNME 950 harddrives recently updated in show laptops as were used as media drives that could playback triple 4K sized assets using Avolites Ai Server software.

Shuffling our workspace between a table in the rehearsal space, the back lounge of the wardrobe bus, and front-of-house was easy with 2 laptops and grandMA2 Command Wing. As always, it was a wild ride putting it together by Saturday morning, and was a very lovely day seeing old friends come and go around the festival.

Concerns circulated that Gaga would somehow be “rusty” from working on a movie instead of touring were sliced and diced. She tore the house down both weekends.

Deployment Details

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