We are Amazing.

We’ve woven a tapestry
of experience, relationships, and creativity
that defines a standard sought after
as the apex of our industry.

You Deserve Amazing.

You’re looking to create an experience,
an environment, a lasting impression…
on your team, your clients, and the world.

Let’s Be Amazing.

Let’s collaborate and create
your message, your story, your vision
and give it an amazing life.
When you succeed, we succeed.


Amazing Industries designs and produces media, events, and environments.

We are a collection of designers, programmers, and project managers organized out of Dallas, Texas.

Amazing Industries designs and produces media, deploys events, and invents environments.
Every vision requires complex coordination and commitment.  Our vision is your vision.

We deploy our teams globally, giving your audience an amazing experience across the wide spectrum of production and perception.
Live music, brand launches, corporate meetings, and interactive environments need the strength of complex planning and strategy to truly be Amazing.

Give us a call, drop us an email, let’s tear the roof off.

"No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be."

Isaac Asimov


Our Design work is from both artistic and technical perspectives. We define both aspects into relatable budgets for branding, architectural, and live experiences.

We combine talented professionals with quality equipment to execute your project, making you look good is how we look good.

Our rich ecosystem of 3D software means we simulate events before they happen or before they’re even budgeted, so we can all work together like we’re already there.

Individual impact is what transforms ads and presentations into an experience. We break down complex digital interactive into human terms to assure its efficacy.

Our deployments run full-circle into digital signage, branding events, and web deployments.

Our Team

Rebecca Del Plato

Rebecca Del Plato

Creative Director

Sean Cagney

Sean Cagney

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Hutchison

Jim Hutchison

Director of Marketing

Kristy Gronski

Kristy Gronski

Director of Finance

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