Production Design

Our core business is a process where we begin with concept drawings and 3D animations, then as we convert those into technical drawings in relationship with the budget and other realities, create and manage media assets and lighting pre-visualization, then managage the execution and delivery of the event. We strive to be as seamless and organized as possible in a collaborative process with all the moving parts of the event or installation, and we are happy to provide just certain elements of the process.

Despite being in the concept phase, we begin with a 3D plot anyway to create the structure.

There's a process of conforming the shape to the budget an time we have for the show, but we've been very pleased with using having the final shows look nearly identical to the concept drawings!

Media Design

We have a full-time artistic staff who can create complex 3D mapping content, high resolution backdrop imagery (far beyond 4K), edit footage and incororate animation into video packages or web postings, manage print photography for products, and of course create logos and webpages.

3D Previsualization

Building an event in the quiet of our studio or in your own home or office can get a lot of work done on a complex event without adding full days of venue and running crew. We are fluent in ESP Vision, Wysiwyg, and MA3D as well as the new Hippotizer Version 4 previsualization systems for lighting and video. Breaking songs down and other cueing takes time, as well as seeing everthing in 3D can solve a lot of problems before the gear list is even finalized with the shop.

Storyboards and Drafting

Want us to help sell your event? Please let us!