Sean Cagney, CEO and Production Designer

A master of video and lighting on both the technical and artistic side Sean has become a Production Designer by working his way up from a shop to design and manage festivals, tradeshow booths, and other complex installations. Self-taught and fluent in many types of 3D and editing softwares as well as fully versed in lighting programming and networking as well as video engieering, he works towards a fusion of artistic and operational elegance in creating projects. "If it can't load in on time and on budget, it's a useless design as it will never exist".


 Joshua Koffman, Mad Scientist and Lighting Designer

A designer of both shows and devices, his wizardry knows no bounds. An experienced touring LD, well versed in all major forms of previsulization software and master draftsman, Joshua is a hands-on lighting designer with a deep understanding of underlying technology, to the level where he makes his own custom devices to interface with the system.


 Carrie Fedewa, Cat Lady and Artistic Director

Our mistress of color and photography! Carrie has vast experience in print and retouching/restoring artwork. While an artist and photographer with experience going back to analog, she is a master of managing product photography, both in shooting and post-production and management.