UGG Shoes: Spring 2015

San Diego, California

UGG Shoes has a semi-anual general session where they reveal their upcoming product line internally to the company. We were very happy to return to our favorite shoe and apparel company to create our most immersive show to date with them. Dozens of backrounds and several fully 3D animated sequences were the backdrops for their various presentations, so we rendered regular media updates mapped into a model of the set for review in the weeks leading up to the event. We’ve always believed in seeing the show before we get to doing it, and we've built our render farm up not only to make media but also to deliver media mapped into the set. Always great working with ShowPro, especially our dear friends Adam Rosen, Ryan Kayson, and Chris Gruelach.

Here is one of the media samples a few versions before the "final" and building the show with the presenters on site: